Future Primitives- Teen Skills and Leadership Training is under way!

We are so excited to have full enrollment in our Future Primitives program!  We are having a great time hanging out and working on our projects.  We have had three meetings and we have already accomplished so much!

So far everyone has made their own personal bow drill kits and we even had a PFF! (Personal First Fire)  Everyone has established a sit spot and began their nature journals, making entries about the weather and the animal activities they have experienced while visiting them.  We have erected a sundial to track the earths movements to increase our directional awareness.  We have lit several fires during our emergency fire drills, one participant came prepared with a steak to learn how to cook on an open fire.  let’s not forget about the GAMES!  You never grow to old to play games, but now they involve sticks and stones, bows and arrows, and the occasional blindfold!