Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering

Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering - MAPS Meet

Date: May 15, 2014

Price: $225.00


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering is an overnight event held in scenic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia along the Shenandoah River.

Attendees will check in on the evening of Wednesday May 14th, from 4:00pm onwards. A large selection of workshops for all ages will be held throughout the day beginning Thursday morning, and will continue through Sunday the 18th in the afternoon. In addition to the satisfaction of learning ancient life skills you will be provided with 2 meals each day, and the pleasure of camping in the Shenandoah Mountains for the duration of the event.

This years event is being held the the FLOC facilities in Harpers Ferry WV.

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Register for M.A.P.S. Gathering

Event Fees: 12 & Older 7-11 4-6 70+
Thursday-Sunday $225 $175 $60 Free
Friday-Sunday $200 $150 $45 Free
Saturday-Sunday $175 $125 $30 Free


Meals Included: Wed 14th Thur 15th Fri 16th Sat 17th Sun 18th
Breakfast 7:15-8:00am
Dinner 6:15-7:15pm
      • Participants provide their own lunches. There is space for coolers to be stored.
      • Additional event details will be provided to all registered attendees prior to the event.


We recommend that you bring your own tent or tipi to the Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering. However, if you don't have a tent for an additional fee there are some accommodations available for groups & individuals.


- Camping- you are welcome to set up a tent in the designated camping areas. Camping fees are included in your registration fee.  If you don't have the equipment; tents, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags are available from FLOC for $20/group of four.  (equipment is limited please contact us for availability)

- Screened cabins sleep up to 6 people. cabins are shared not private.  space is limited to 48 bunks. There is a $75/per person to reserve a bed for the whole event and $38 for the weekend(fee applies to all ages).

      • Cabins must be reserved prior to the event.
      •  Cabins come with cots and mattresses. You will need to bring your own sleeping bags, sheets and pillows to use with the cots.
      • All lodgings must be swept and cleaned before you leave.

To reserve lodging you must return to this page and click the button below.

Reserve Lodging

Work Trade Program

There are 10 Work Trade positions available for this event. Work Trade is a fun way to meet new people and be a crucial supporter of the event. When you participate in the Work Trade program all but $50 of your registration fee will be waived. You must be available from 10am May 13 through May 19th at 2pm to participate in the work trade program. If you are interested in a work trade position please read, complete and submit the application

More About Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering

Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering is an occasion to learn, practice, and share the skills that sustained our ancestors for many millennia. This is an opportunity, at least temporarily, to experience the kind of community that humanity was born into and aboriginal people around the world have lived in for ages. This is a time to have fun, make new friends, renew old friendships, learn new skills, and share what you know about living gently with the Earth. It is a chance to show yourself and your children that there are alternatives to the unnatural modern society that exists all around them.

Come and relax around the campfire and enjoy songs, stories, drumming and dancing. When a group comes together to renew their relationship with the Earth only good things come forth. Come and seek out the day-to-day living skills that allowed our ancient ancestors to live with the Earth in a harmonious and sustainable way.

Please take a look at this wonderful article about Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering in the The Washington Post Magazine.


Click here to learn more about the MAPS Meet instrutors.

Event History

The Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering — originally known as the MAPS Meet — started in 2001 by Kevin Haney, not long after founding the Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Group (MAPS Group) in 1997. In June 2002 Kevin held the first MAPS Meet. Kevin was also a founding member of the Ancestral Knowledge Board of Directors. After several years on the B.O.D. Kevin realized the event fit right in with our mission. In 2007 Kevin entrusted the event to us to carry on its legacy. To this day there is no event in the region that can compare to the Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering. The MAPS Group remains an important sponsor of the event.