Rubbing sticks together makes a fire!

Going for hand drill attemptDuring our fire by friction workshop several people came out to learn how to make fire by friction.  After a short introduction to the proper form and construction of a bow drill kit, each participant created there very own bow drill set.  Carving by hand each person made a spindle, fire board(hearth), and hand hold.  Once the parts were carved to the proper dimensions the dirt time began.  A better part of the day was used to practice the form and attempt to create Feeding the coaltheir first fire by friction.  By the end of the day we has some sucess stories and some great learning experiance.  It comes down to dirt time(practice).  Hopefully everyone continues to practice this skill on their free time.  It is truely a skill noone should be without.

Throughout the day we added lessons including tinder collection and how to build the proper fire structure that will light upon ignition of the tinder bundle.  We  also demonstrated a couple of other friction fire techniques including hand drill and fire saw. Showing how its done

Once you have mastered the proper forms of the various friction fire techniques you should be able to create fire from the landscape using almost any type of wood you come across.   The most important factors in making a sucessful fire are proper material selection and having a good stucture to light once you have a coal.

This was a fun program as usual.  I always enjoy watching everyones expressions when they see and make friction fire for the first time.

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