Are those people smashing rocks? No, they are flintknapping!

Ready to spallAugust 29-30– We had a great weekend for the Knapping Workshop.  The weather was perfect and the ice cream man came by every couple of hours to tempt oHappy knapperur childish habits.  After a brief explanation of how rocks break and an instructional demonstration of the process, everyone had a chance to make several nice spalls.  The obsidian broke better then expected under the force of beginners.  I think we may have some career knappers on our hands after this weekend.

After spalling practice was over, we moved into percussion reduction of spalls and the creation of bifaces.  Preceded by a short demonstration of the proper technique required to make serviceable bifaces, each student set out on a journey that some never complete in their life time.  A journey into stone tool production.  Its always a blast to watch new knappers turn rock into gravel with the look of amazement,  joy, and sometimes bewilderment.   As they succeed and fail at repetitive attempts of flake removal their minds process and store the outcomes for future break throughs .  Observing this takes me back 12 years to an insignificant concrete stoop in front of a college town skateboard shop, my first attempt of spalling obsidian on .obsidian dovetail

The end of the firbiface reductionst day came faster then expected.  The time warp had been entered as we connected to the spirit of the rock and the knowledge of our ancestors.  We could have sat around learning from the stones till it got dark.

we started the second day out with a refresher demo in reduction focusing on holding positions for further reduction.  I eventually demonstrated blade removal and blade core production.  I turned out 8 very nice prismatic blades, a dozen arrow head flakes, and several other useful flakes that are razor sharp.

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