Hide Tanning Workshop

Fleshing the hidesThis years Hide Tanning workshop is going great.  We have Three participants learning the 100% natural process for making leather from whitetail deer hides.  As you can see, this workshop is completely hands-on.  Not only is the process of hide tanning fascinating, its fun and social.  The process can be a lot of work when you first begin tanning hides.  It doesn’t take long to learn the tricks of the trade to become efficient at the process.   Today we covered skinning an Final scrapinganimal, fleshing, de-hairing, racking and scraping.  At the end of the day the hide is ready for braining.

Tomorrow we will begin the final steps in the process.  Adding the hides to the brain(eggs in this case) solution.  Softening, drying and smoking the skin.  In the end we will have created a fine piece of buckskin leather that can be used in many applications including; clothing, bags, or moccasins.  The greatest thing about tanning hides in this method is that it creates a product that is breathable, warm and water resistant.  Not to mention its quiet when you walk.  All the things you could ask for in the great outdoors.

Check out our hide tanning photo gallery for more pictures of the process.

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