Look at what’s going on in our Homeschool programs!

Pounding out sapling cordageAncestral Knowledge has been working with homeschool groups in the DC metro area for several years.  We provide nature programming that uses naturalist studies, primitive technology, tracking, and wilderness awareness to teach the importance of our environment to our youth.ABO Bow Drill Thanks to the Rhubarb Jam Homeschool group, we have linked up with other homeschool groups in the area.  Over the past 2 years we have been conducting some really great programs.

These programs meet every other week for 7 meetings. At the end we go to West Virginia for a 3 day 2 night camp-out. to explore and test out the skills we learned.  The homeschool programs run during the normal school year.  We offer spring and fall sessions each year.  Each session the students attend builds upon the skills of the last.  As individuals they are on their own path, as a group they help each other discover new things and become each others teachers.

We have met some incredible kids with an overwhelming passion for the outdoors.  We hope that they stick around long enough to obtain the experience to help teach future participants.

Our days start at 10AM and end at 3:30PM.  During this time we teach basic wilderness survival skills, animal tracking and identification, journaling, We wonder the local forest without time or destination seeking adventure and education from the landscape.  Each day we experience new and wonderful things.

Today we taught all the newbies how to make cordage using natural fiber, while the Vets Making cordage out of plant fibersworked on carving primitive traps for our Making their first stone toolssurvival trip.  Earlier we explored the shores of a drained lake that offered up an abundance of animal tracks.  We identified beaver, box turtle, snapping turtle, squirrel, deer, red fox, and raccoon.  While looking for more tracks we watched as a bald eagle flew just feet above the mud, then gracefully swoop up to its perch on the other side of the lake.

Later in the day we ran a 5 minute fire exercise that lead to the demonstration of bow drill fire making.  Once that fire was lit we used it to try and light what each group thought was a perfect fire structure for a survival situation.  Boy did we learn some big lessons on material selection.

We look forward to each meeting with these kids.  They are an inspiration to us all.

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