Summer Bow Making Workshop

Taken to a Growth ringDays 1 & 2

We are a couple days into the last bow making workshop of the year. We have been blessed with beautiful August weather. Low humidity and a light breeze have made this workshop very pleasant. Sitting outside the new AK facility, in the shade of a large oak tree has been a treat. Several neighborhood kids have stopped by to see whats going on.

Almost doneThe workshop has gone quite smooth so far. Everyone is right on schedule and there have been no surprises with bow staves. Bill is working on a hickory stave and Steve is working on an Osage Orange stave. They both have finished finding the growth rings, laying out, and profiling. Now the are in the process of We have already taken the staves to a single growth ring, shaped and are now into the floor tillering process. They may be shootable by Saturday evening.

Days 3 & 4

Bills shaping his tips

I must say this has been a wonderful class.  Its been a pleasure working with Steve and Bill. We have had good conversation, learned more then expected, and progressed nicely.  At this point we have all made great progress on the construction of our bows.  Nocks were carved into the tips early on the third day.  Every one has gotten a string on there bow and are in the final stages of floor tillering.

Steve carving nocksBill is shaping his tips and finalizing the handle. He put his arrows together and is ready to sand and oil his bow, preparing to shoot it for the first time.

Steve’s bow is is a bit snaky and wavy making it a little harder to read. This is why we have spent an extra day dealing with the knots and character of this beautiful Osage stave. Steve is almost ready to final tiller.

Final Day of the workshopbills handle

These guys have been working hard on there bows and as you can see it is paying off.  Steves bow is tillered perfectly but a still a bit heavy for him.  He had to leave early to set up lighting Bill shootingfor the Jonas Brothers or the Back Street Boys I can’t really remeber which.  We will be meeting one evening to finish his off.  Its turning out to be a beutiful bow.

Bill has finished his bow.  He spent most of the day sanding and putting on the handle to give it a finished look.  I sent him home with my special mixture of raccoon/deer fat to seal his bow.  Its a shooter, a bit stiff toward the tips but its still fast and a heavy hitter.  It weighs in at 54#@28 inches.  If he chooses to work the tips a bit more then he will end up with a 50# bow.

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