Everyone Survived! The wilderness survival weekend was a success!

We just returned from a wonderful weekend of learning basic wilderness survival skills.  We were in the mountains of WV with four people seeking to learn how to survive using onlJason peeling bark for cordagey that which is around them, the forest.  Teaching from a caretakers point of view, we shared the basic ways to provide yourself with shelter, water, fire, and food.

Everyone had to create a bow drill kit from the landscape.  We taught the hardest part of the bow drill kit, making natural strings to turn the spindle.  For the entire weekend we depended on the fire that was started with a bow drill.  Without that fire we would have had cold food all weekend and no light when it was dark.

In addition to making fire from the landscape each person had to build their own shelter from sticks and leaves(a debris hut).  Saturday night they slept in their shelters to learn what is needed to make a warm shelter.  Luckily for them it wasn’t to cold.   I think they all understand what it takes to make a proper shelter to be waThe dead fallrm now.  They did a great job putting together their frame work, but when it came to insulation, they were lacking to say the least.  I guess that’s where the phrase “if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger” comes from.

Everyone learned how to make and set several primitive traps that could be used to catch small game in a survival situation.  The best thing about the area we were in is the abundance of flat rocks for a dead fall.  In addition to learning the traps, some basic hunting, navigation and water collection techniques were taught as well.

There is no better feeling then being able to immerse yourself in the wilderness and know that you can survive the elements.

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