What is Going on in Our Mentoring Programs?

This spring is really hopping with activity.  Our first ever Future Primitives program is underway and we are in our 4th year of our seasonal Home School Naturalist program.

I am especially excited about the Rites of Passage program for youth ages 11-17.  Working with the older kids gives us the opportunity to guide them to a more comprehensive understanding of who they are as beings that walk and share the earth.  This time spent working the advanced skills of survival and the deeper research of the environment will help each individual answer their own questions about life and the cycles within as it prepares them for adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it.

So far we have met 3 times for the Rites of Passage program.  Already they have each produced enough natural fiber to construct and set two primitive traps, begun their research on the mammals that live in this region, and collected the materials to begin making primitive bows and arrows.   These kids are very inspiring with their ability to stay focused and complete these tasks that are foreign to them.

Our Home School Naturalist program is really rolling.  We offer this program in several locations aroud the DMV area.  This program is designed for youth ages 8-12 with the intent to inspire outdoor time and the appreciation for camping and nature studies.  This program is based around basic outdoor skills including; animal tracking and identifications, plant and tree identification,  the study of bird songs, wilderness awareness, and wilderness survival.  A typical day includes wandering the woods in search of adventure and discovery while learning the ebb and flow of nature.  Each day is packed full of games and exercises that promote comfort and security in natural places while embedding life lessons that will never be forgotten.

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