Woodland Trackers – Tracking Club

Seeing a track and understanding what it is telling us is like learning to read a word, Following the trail is like reading a novel.  Come join us as we learn how to read the novels of nature that are written everyday.

As the story revels itself you will begin to answer many questions you never thought you had: What was the deer looking at? Was it nervous?  How fast was it moving? Was it alone? and so much more.  The ability to identify and follow animals by there tracks allows you the opportunity to become the animal and see through their eyes and experience the outdoors from a different perspective.

The Tracking Club is designed to inspire curiosity and the dirt time needed to become a better tracker, increase your awareness, and to share the joys of tracking with others.

Lets preserve this important birth right, LETS GO TRACKING!

What to bring? Water bottle, snack, Dress for a morning outside, field guide to animal tracks, plants, etc (if you have any), and be sure to bring a pair of shoes that can get wet and dirty  (rubber boots are great because we may cross some creeks!)

When: 10am-12:30pm Generally the third weekend of each month. (we send out the exact dates via email and e-newsletter) Please just show up on time, email RSVP’s are always welcomed.

Cost: recommended donation $10 per person $15 per family

Where: Locations announced monthly. Below are links to Google maps of this months meeting location.
The Sand Bar

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