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Wild Edible Foods & Survival Foraging Walkabout

Date: November 12, 2017

Price: $25.00


On this walk and talk we focus entirely on wild edibles, although I certainly don't mind answering questions on medicinal benefits here and there, food will be the focus. Since September is the beginning of the biggest mushroom hunting season in the mid Atlantic, we will definitely be on the lookout for fungal foods! With each plant /mushroom we encounter we will discuss:

  • How to correctly identify each plant
  • What parts are edible
  • How to safely prepare it for eating
  • How to preserve it for long term storage
  • How to honor the plant and help it thrive (aka planting back/how to not over harvest)

Audio and video recording is allowed and encouraged. Note taking can be helpful, as we will cover a lot of very specific information. Dress appropriately for the the weather and bring a water bottle and snacks to share.

Location: Greenbelt Maryland
Ages: 16 & older (under 18 must be accompanied by registered adult)
Walkabout time: 2pm - 4pm

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Eric Lewis

Eric is a lover of plants and an aspiring greenman who dedicates much of his energy to deepening the relationship between people and plants. Inspired by the wise words of world renowned ethnobotanist Frank Cook, Eric is continually encouraging people to respect the plants as individuals and eat something wild everyday.

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