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Summer Wild Edible & Useful Plants

Date: July 6, 2013

Price: $50.00


st. andrews crossTo really know and understand the plant kingdom you must observe it year round. Our seasonal workshops will guide you through different habitats and ecosystems to identify, collect, and sample wild plant foods. This course will cover several different types of plants, shrubs, and trees in this region that are edible, medicinal, and utilitarian. We will also point out native, non-native invasive, and poisonous plants. This workshop will teach you when, where, and how to safely collect plants and important conservation techniques to ensure future harvests.

Plant Quiz: Questions about the above photo....Do the leaves grow opposite, alternately or whorled? Does it have a round or square stem? How many leaves are there? Is it woody or fleshy? Is it smooth or rough? Where would you find this plant growing? Is it a edible, medicinal or poisonous plant? What does it smell like? What color are its flowers?

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Carmen Phillips Corodino

Carmen has been studying primitive skills and wilderness survival since childhood.  Carmen graduated from the College of the Atlantic majoring in plant biology.  After graduating Carmen began to hone her survival skills by living primitively in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey for over 4 years.  Carmen has been an instructor at Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School specializing in wild edible and medicinal plants, brain tanning, basketry, and fire by friction.

Carmen brings a much needed energy to Ancestral Knowledge with her calm and insightful demeanor. To learn from Carmen is always a treat.  Her wealth of knowledge and experience is well worth tapping into.


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