Adult Programs & Workshops

Adult Workshops & Programs

Our adult workshops engage your mind and body at your level of understanding and experience.  You will learn something new when you attend our workshops. Who says and old dog can't learn new tricks?

MAPS MEET the Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering (May 25-28)

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Date: May 28, 2018

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The Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering (MAPS Meet) is the perfect place to disconnect from the stress of modern life and reconnect to the natural world. If you are a seasoned outdoors person or a novice, we have a host of expert instructors who will teach you on your level of understanding. There are over 100 workshops available in many topics including; primitive skills and technology, food storage, herbalism, bushcraft, hunting, wilderness survival, earth based skills, nature awareness, and more.

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Past Workshops:

Animal Tracking & Identification

crete trackOur Tracking Workshop takes you into the mind of the animal. As you follow the animal’s trail you will learn how, where, when and why it moved the way it did. Begin to discover the lives of the different animals in your area – where they eat, sleep, and drink.
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Arrow Making Workshop

pointThis weekend workshop teaches the complete process of primitive arrow making from harvesting your own shafts to testing spine weight. Two methods of arrow straightening will be covered and you will learn how to make pine pitch adhesive and process sinew for fletching and hafting.
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Bow Hunting Apprenticeship

Ready for the hunt!The most incredible experiences in nature is to fade into the forest and walk undetected among the animals studying their habits, learning their language, and becoming one with their environment. The Spirit of the Hunt is our most intense apprenticeships, taking you on a journey through all aspects the hunt.
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City and Suburban Survival and Emergency Preparedness

While participating in this workshop you will learn how to find and use items and materials in modern dwellings and their surrounding areas to aid in your survival during natural disasters, extended power outages, and unexpected emergency situations.
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Fire by Friction Workshop

bow drillCome and explore the wonders of Fire by Friction and unleash the fire within. While on this quest for fire, you will learn how to properly construct your own bow drill kit, use the proper techniques, and finally experience the magic of creating fire for the very first time just as your ancestors did.
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Flint Knapping Apprenticeship

two hands 3 pointsThe Stone Tool Apprenticeship will help you rediscover the ancient art of stone tool creation. This apprenticeship will guide you through the seven stages of reduction proven to be the most effective way to produce the sharpest edge possible.
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Flint Knapping Weekend

pointOur Flint Knapping class we will you back in time – learning the ancient skills of stone tool making. We will teach you the proper forms and techniques to knap, 7 stages of reduction including spalling, percussion flaking, and bi-facing, and the more advanced techniques of pressure flaking, sharpening and notching.
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Hide Tanning Workshop

Hide scrapingOur Hide Tanning Workshop walks you through all the steps it takes to turn animal skins into usable leather for clothing, bags and footwear. Two styles of tanning are covered; the wet scrape and dry scrape methods. This workshop is a 100% hands-on experience that you will never forget.
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Medicinal Plants Workshop

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn this workshop participants will be working in the kitchen learning how to make infusions, decoctions, salves, tinctures, syrup, herbal vinegar, and herbal oil. Proper harvesting and storage methods for your herbal medicines will also be covered.
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Natural Basket Making

basketsJoin us on a Basket Making adventure and learn several types of basket making techniques including melon baskets, bark containers, and corded bags.
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Primitive Cooking Workshop

P9120873We will cook a variety of wild and natural foods without using modern store-bought utensils. Learn tricks and techniques of working with a cooking fire, clay pots, stone griddles, gourds, sticks and cordage. We will learn how to boil, bake, steam, roast and fry foods. Two gourmet meals WILL result!
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Primitive Fishing Workshop

DSC00569This course will teach skills and techniques of primitive fishing. Fish is a excellent source of protein and the most readily available source of food in a survival situation. Almost all lakes and streams contain fish of edible species in them. After taking this class, you can expect to have the skills necessary to create an effective fishing system in under 3 hours.
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Primitive Trapping Workshop

trap partsThis course will teach the application, and theory of trapping. The class will focus on survival trapping, for food, tools, and shelter. After taking this class, you can expect to have the skills necessary to make effective traps and snares, anywhere in the temperate world.
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Turn Shoe/Moccasin Making Workshop

10th-c-scandi-classWe cover a wide assortment of leather working techniques and tools in these classes but at the heart of what I’m really sharing are a few simple methods of attaching upper to sole. the design or style of the upper is kind of secondary here, once you understand how to attach upper to sole on this …
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Wild Edible and Useful Plants Workshop

st. andrews crossTo really know and understand the plant kingdom you must observe it year round. Our seasonal workshops will guide you through different habitats and ecosystems to identify, collect, and sample wild plant foods.
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Wilderness Survival Weekend

scott making fireOur wilderness survival program gives you the opportunity to learn how to provide yourself with the basic needs to stay alive in any survival situation. Whether lost, stranded, or in a state of emergency, our program will fill the void of ignorance when it comes to taking care of yourself, friends, and family.
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