Virginia Home School Naturalist Program: Springfield

Virginia Homeschool Naturalist Program: Springfield

This Home School Naturalist Program meets on Wednesday in Springfield, Virginia and is geared towards youth ages 7 -14. We use nature observation, awareness and earth based skills to introduce a world of adventure, self-reliance and the passion to learn to help prepare our future leaders. We immerse our students weekly into the wonderful and amazing world of our earth’s delicate environment and ecosystems.

Virginia Homeschool Naturalist Program- Springfield (Nov 1 - Dec 20)

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Date: November 1, 2017

Price: $350.00

The Virginia Home School Naturalist Program uses nature observation, awareness and earth based skills to prepare your child for a world of adventure, discovery, independence, and leadership while inspiring a passion to learn. We also guide our participants to a higher level of awareness for the earth’s delicate environment and its ecosystems.