Teen Programs & Workshops

Teen Workshops & Programs

Our teen programs are designed to provide powerful and dynamic experiences that will help your kids become self motivated, inspired, creative, and independent.  Through hands-on skills, nature immersion, and leadership training our teen programs help our participants transition from being kids to becoming responsible young adults.  These programs are for all genders between the ages of  13-17.

Art from the Landscape - Wild-Crafted Paint and Paint Brushes (Oct 14 th)

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Date: October 14, 2017

Price: $50.00

This is a hands-on workshop on the ancient process of crafting natural materials into paint, paintbrushes and crayons. Learn all about pigments, binders, various kinds of paint and some rustic, yet elegant options for making paintbrushes. We will hunt and gather rocks from the landscape, process them into a fine pigment and transform it into paint!