Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions about The Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering.

QWhen is the gathering?
A – The Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Gathering is held on Memorial Day Weekend.

QWhen is the first session of the event scheduled?
A – the first session starts at 9am Friday morning.

QWhen can we arrive?
A – Participants  attending the whole event are asked to  arrive after 4pm on Thursday night and after 6pm on Friday night for weekenders.

QDo you have drop-ins or day passes?
A – We do not offer drop-ins or day passes.

QCan I bring my dog?
A – Sorry, pets are not allowed.

QWhat kind of accommodations are available?
A – There are covered shelters available for rent.  They include wall tents and screened cabins

QHow do I become an instructor at the event?
A – Our first priority is to honor our elders and long-term instructors.   If you are interested in teaching, we ask that you first come to the gathering as a registered participant and find out a little more about what happens at the event.  You are welcome to offer a class at that time and see how it goes.  After attending, if you would like to offer a class in the future, you can apply by contacting one of the event leaders and let them know what you have in mind.  Then we discuss further from there.

QAre Meals included in the price of the event?
A – We serve 8 meals during the event.  If you can come early enough the first meal is Thursday night dinner at 6pm.  During the event we serve breakfast and Lunch.  Last meal is breakfast on Monday morning.  You are responsible for your own lunches.

QCan we store food in the refrigerators?
A – Participants must bring their own coolers to store their lunch food in.  There is space available for coolers in the dinning hall.

Q– Do we have to provide our own ice
A – Please bring your cooler with ice in it.  There is an ice machine available to supplement your ice levels.  The ice supply must be conserved to be able to serve everyone’s needs.