Lead Instructor -Responsible for the implementation of Ancestral Knowledge Programs and curriculum for groups of seven to fourteen youth ages 7-17. Implementation includes; running program activities, group management, risk management and providing leadership to the teaching team. You must be 20 or older with proficient in wilderness and naturalist skills, certified in CPR/first aid, and pass a MD State and FBI background check.

Yearly Salary-$25-$35,000 Full/Part time.  $500-$1000 per week for seasonal employment

Assistant Instructor – Instructors are responsible for the implementation of Ancestral Knowledge Programs for groups of of seven to fourteen youth ages 7-17. Implementation includes; running program activities guided by Lead Instructor, preparing materials for group activities, instruction of skills, working with group dynamics to ensure the best learning flow, and supervision of students. You must be 18 or older with proficient wilderness and naturalist skills,certified in CPR/first aid and pass a MD State and FBI background check.

Yearly Salary-$15-$25,000 Full/Part time.  $350-$500 Per Week for seasonal employment

Cook (seasonal)
Head Cook is responsible for creating menus, ordering food, preparing and cooking meals for 15-30 people and coordinating volunteers for kitchen help.

Assistant Cook (seasonal)
The Assistant Cook is responsible for assisting the Head Cook in daily kitchen and meal tasks and working with any volunteers.

If you are interested in working for Ancestral Knowledge please complete our application.

Instructors Apprenticeship (must complete at least one season of apprenticeship to be considered for paid instructor position)

This is for those students who are serious about becoming an instructor for AK during our year round programming or summer camps. when they turn 18.  In the mornings the apprentices are responsible for assisting in the implementation of Ancestral Knowledge Programs. Implementation includes preparing materials for group activities, supervision of students, instruction of skills,  and assisting with special projects.  During the day of the apprentice will be given one-on-one lessons in advanced skills and put on task to complete those skills.  In the afternoon the apprentices will assist the instructors with daily camp responsibilities.

Apprentice requirements:

  • Must be age 17 or older and have been a C.I.T.
  • Have already participated in our summer day camps or our home school programs.
  • Have already attended our overnight programs
  • You must be able to; build and light a bow drill fire, create strong cordage and ID two cordage plants in the wild, build a debris hut, identify 7 wild edible plants in the area
  • Must be certified in CPR/first aid
  • Interns may be eligible for compensation

If you are interested in the apprenticeship program please submit a  Application.

Teen Assistant Leadership Training Program We offer leadership training to a select few kids who we believe have the skills and maturity to be a Teen Assistant.  We coach our Teen Assistants on how to be effective leaders and role models in a capacity that benefits all involved.  The Teen Assistant is the next natural step for our older long time students of ours who would like to continue to be involved with our program and learn new skills. Teen Assistants will gain key skills to be more confident and helpful in life and learn new ways to grasp their power and strengths and in the areas that need growth.

Teen assistants add great value to our programs as they encourage younger kids to have a positive outlook on being outdoors and demonstrate beneficial skills, games, and knowledge that they learn over the years. Most importantly they will be part of the teaching team and while staying connected to the other participants and the natural world.


  • Must be age 14-17 years old
  • Have already participated in AK programs.
  • Must be able to; build and light a one match fire, create strong cordage, ID two cordage plants in the wild, and build a debris hut
  • fee: Cost of the program Assisting with.

If you are interested in the CIT program please submit a Application.

Volunteer Program

There several ways to volunteer:

1. Fundraising Volunteer- Assist in coordinating annual fundraising events

2. Event and Booth Volunteer – Representing AK at public events and information days

3. Workshop Volunteer- Once you have participated in one of our workshops you are eligible to come back to that same program as a volunteer.  Volunteering during one of our workshops is a wonderful way to experience the instruction once again. Your job as a volunteer is to help with class set up, assist students and instructors as needed and to inspire by working on the skills being taught.

4. Summer Camp Volunteer- Most of our need for volunteers is during the summer overnight camps. The bulk of the volunteer work revolves around the kitchen. We rely on our helpers to assist the cooks in food preparation and other kitchen duties. This help is greatly needed, and greatly appreciated. As a volunteer there is plenty free time to work on skills or just enjoy the beautiful setting of our camp.

IF you are interested in volunteering please send us a message via our contact page.

Thanks for your interest in working with Ancestral Knowledge!